Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) for Non-Elderly Disabled Households

Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) has an allocation of 100 Housing Choice Category 1 Vouchers to provide Rental Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities.


Non-Elderly families that are income eligible under 24CFR 982.201 (b) (1) and are currently on the AMHA waiting list are the only eligible participants.

Applying For Assistance:

Any Non-Elderly Family with Disabilities that wishes to receive HCV Assistance must apply for admission to the program by completing a pre-application which requires the family to provide limited basic information including name, phone number, family composition, and family size, racial or ethnic designation of the head of household, income category, and information establishing any preferences to which they may be entitled. The completed application must be returned to the AMHA by mail, by fax, or submitted in person during normal business hours. Applications must be complete in order to be accepted by the AMHA.

Definitions of Terms:

Elderly Family:

An elderly family is one whose head, spouse, or sole member is 62 years or older. It may include two or more elderly persons living together, or one or more elderly persons living with one or more persons determined by the AMHA agency plan to be essential to their care or well being.

Non-Elderly Family:

A family that does not meet the definition of an elderly family whose head, spouse, or sole member is a person with disabilities; or two or more persons with disabilities living together; or one or more persons with disabilities living together with one or more live-in aides.

Person with disabilities:

A person who has a disability as defined in 42 U.S.C. 423 or a developmental disability as defined in 42 U.S.C. 6001. Also includes a person who is determined, under HUD regulations, to have a physical or mental impairment that is expected to be of long –continued and indefinite duration, substantially impedes the ability to live independently, and is of such a nature that the ability to live independently could be improved by more suitable housing conditions. Definition does not exclude persons who have AIDS or conditions arising from AIDS, but does not include a person whose disability is based solely on drug or alcohol dependence.

The terms families and households mean both non-elderly disabled individuals and families that have a head or spouse that are disabled adults.

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