Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is an additional program offered by AMHA that is designed to assist voucher families as they pursue educational and employment opportunities that can lead to less reliance on public assistance and to greater self-sufficiency.

The FSS Coordinator provides assistance to the participating families by helping to connect them to county organization and agency services that provide training and education that can help them to obtain employment.

What you do in the Program:

As a participating family, you will set goals and work toward completing those goals. When you complete your Final Goal, you will have successfully completed the FSS Program. When that happens you will receive all money accumulated in your FSS Escrow Savings Account.

You can complete the FSS Program and continue to receive rental assistance if your income is still within the federal income guidelines.

FSS Escrow Savings Account:

A benefit of being in the program is the financial reward that you can receive when you complete the program. This comes from you going to work, paying part of your rent share and the escrow savings deposits that are then made in your behalf.

When you have an income increase because you are earning a wage, AMHA will make a monthly deposit into an Escrow Savings Account established for you. As long as you keep working, AMHA keeps making monthly deposits into your savings account. When you successfully complete the FSS Program, you will receive all money in your FSS Savings Account. IRS doesn’t place a tax on this money and AMHA doesn’t count it as income. It’s yours to do with as you please.

To Participate:

If you are a family who’s currently participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), the Veterans Administrative Supportive Housing Program (VASH) or a Non-Elderly Disabled Voucher participate you qualify for participation in the FSS Program.

How to Find Out More:

If you’re interested in finding out more about this program, you can open up and read the FSS Program Contract of Participation that explains your responsibilities while in the program (this form is read-only). If you are a Section 8 client, you can complete the FSS Program Application and print it out and mail it to AMHA to the attention of Charlie Smith. If you want to ask more questions about the program, you can complete the Interested in FSS Program form, print it and mail it to AMHA to the attention of Charlie Smith. You can also stop by the AMHA office during business hours or you can contact Charlie directly at (740) 592-4481.

After Enrolling:

When you become an FSS Participant, Charlie will be your Caseworker and your main contact at AMHA. He will take care of your FSS Program participation needs and HCV, VASH or Non-Elderly Disabled rental assistance needs.

We work closely with you to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing opportunities.
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